About us

2020 Trustees are highly experienced and motivated professionals who share the common goal of wanting to make a difference in the field of pensions.

Our leadership team are all highly respected practicing actuaries and lawyers, who have entered the trustee world in the prime of our working lives to help members, co trustees and sponsors by improving efficiency and helping them navigate the more difficult and unusual.

All professional trustees claim that they ‘are experienced and can reduce risk.’ The reality is however that most typically end up adding to and not subtracting from the complexity and cost. At 2020 Trustees, we actively look to avoid being an unwelcome drain on the Scheme’s resources. We don’t want to sit in trustee meetings listening to advisors speak about basic governance points. We will only look to become involved where we truly believe we can add value and reduce overall costs.

The team at 2020 Trustees have demonstrated time and time again that our presence improves efficiency, drives down cost and reduces risk.

We are happy to work on fixed projects and on a performance related remuneration basis. More than this though, we have saved businesses that would otherwise have gone bust, and have helped members improve their entitlements.